Schlegel Elektrokontakt Co (FE) Pte Ltd is an Associate Company of Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co., a German manufacturer of award-winning industrial control units and terminal blocks.
The Schlegel Elektrokontakt group of companies in the Far East are solution provider for process monitoring & controls. Endowed with German culture of industriousness, innovation and precision. Constant search for new solutions to meet customer’s demand for high quality products and faster delivery services are our top priorities.

Besides SCHLEGEL of Germany, we are proud partners of:

- SUBKLEW of Germany
- ICOTEK of Germany
- AUER of Austria
- A.M.I of France
- SUNGHO of South Korea
- KIMDEN of Japan
- PRATLEY of South Africa
- TOGAMI of Japan

Our business portfolio is divided into 2 segments:

Our line of products are widely used, catering to the engineering process demands of the following industries: Railway & Transportation, Machinery & Precision Equipment, Oil & Gas Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Marine & Offshore, Power Plant, Power Generation, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Waste Management and many more.