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Rondex Round Juwel Push Button Momentary
Round flushed-mounting push button with momentary contact. Len are availale in clear (white), blue, green. red and yellow
Panel cut-out :
Ø22.3 mm
Front Bezel Size :
Ø28mm, height 2.7mm
IP Rating :
IP 65/67
Switching function :
Connection type :
Faston Terminal 2.8 x 0.8mm
Front Bezel Colour :
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Part Number Contact Configuration Colour
GS1 JRT-11-BL 1NO 1NC Blue
GS1 JRT-11-GB 1NO 1NC Yellow
GS1 JRT-11-GN 1NO 1NC Green
GS1 JRT-11-KL 1NO 1NC Clear
GS1 JRT-11-RT 1NO 1NC Red
GS1 JRT-22-BL 2NO 2NC Blue
GS1 JRT-22-GB 2NO 2NC Yellow
GS1 JRT-22-GN 2NO 2NC Green
GS1 JRT-22-KL 2NO 2NC Clear
GS1 JRT-22-RT 2NO 2NC Red

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